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Male Organ Odor: Why It Happens and Strategies for Treating It

Male organ odor is a very common problem for men. Picture this: It’s the fourth date, things are heating up, and you’re worried about your smelly privates turning your partner off and potentially ruining the evening and the relationship. Of course, all men have a natural odor, and it’s not always great. But if the odor is embarrassingly bad or pungent, there are a few steps to take in order to keep the private area clean and smelling fresh. Continue reading to gauge if your odor problem is due to one of the causes listed below.

1) Smegma is caused by the build-up of moisture, oil, and skin cells on the shaft of the member. For intact men, it is a common problem underneath the sheath. Smegma can cause a white, sour-smelling discharge that allows bacteria to fester and grow and can also cause redness and irritation. In order to prevent or rid yourself of smegma, make sure to properly clean the member, paying close attention to the folds of the skin.

2) Public hair can trap oil, sweat and bacteria that can cause a pretty nasty odor down there. The hair traps moisture and makes it impossible to stay dry and clean. Keep your hair down there fresh by trimming it regularly, or simply removing it all together. For those with pubic hair, make sure to towel dry your public hair completely, as to keep your nether-regions as dry as possible.

3) Non-cotton clothing can trap heat and moisture, a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that smells. Make sure you’re wearing cotton underwear as it’s a breathable fabric and gives your private area the space and air circulation it needs to stay fresh. Jeans are notorious for keeping heat and moisture trapped so make sure to wear proper underwear with denim.

4) Male Yeast Infections can cause a gnarly smell. Although not as common as female yeast infections, these can pop up due to candida, the fungus that causes yeast infections. Candida is normally present on moist skin, but having relations with a partner who has a yeast infection can transmit the infection.

5) Urinary Tract Infections can be a culprit to a smelly manhood as those with UTI’s can experience foul smelling urine. As the urine passes through the manhood, it can leave behind a nasty scent. Doctors recommend urinating after intimate contact to decrease the risk of contracting a UTI.

6) Partner Transmitted Infections can cause manhood odor. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms in tandem with a smelly manhood, visit your doctor as soon as possible to get tested: burning pain during urination, discharge of material from the tip of the manhood or pain in the organ.

Most male organ odor causes are due to a simple problem: hygiene. Proper, frequent washing of the private area is a necessity to keep the area fresh and clean. Those with an uncut manhood need to pull their sheath all the way back to wash the head of their manhood with soap at least once or twice a day to avoid smegma and any other secretions that may stink.

After correctly washing the area, dry and moisturize your skin with a product made specifically for skin, like a male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). This particular health crème is a super weapon, containing vitamins and nutrients essential to the wellbeing of private area skin, like vitamin C, for collagen production, and Shea butter, which hydrates the skin leaving the area soft and smooth. Keep the manhood skin clean, dry, and hydrated for optimal health.

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