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Self-pleasuring While on the Road: 5 Dos and Don’ts

The self-pleasuring urge can – and does –strike a man at any time. When watching adult literature, of course, but also when walking down the street, listening to music, fixing dinner, or even just sitting still. That means, naturally, that sometimes a bro is going to feel like self-stimulating when he’s on the road, traveling to some destination on a business trip or vacation. Lots of the time, a dude can ignore it until it either fades away or he reaches his hotel room and can indulge in some special male organ care and loving. But other times the urge is too much. And what’s a guy supposed to do then?

Here are a few helpful hints to deal with that insistent self-pleasuring sensation when on the road (literally, as in the case of a car, or euphemistically, as in traveling by other means).

1) Do not pull it out right there and start in on it. Sure, everyone has seen videos of guys self-stimulating while they drive or while flying in an airplane, so it’s true that plenty of guys do it. But, in the case of self-gratifying while driving, it’s enormously dangerous. Most guys know that they get a little “goony” when self-pleasuring –wrapped up in the experience so that they can’t concentrate on anything else. Well, that’s not a good state of mind to be in when handling several tons of heavy machinery. And self-stimulating in one’s seat on an airplane, train, or subway car is still self-stimulating in public; it can lead to an arrest for anyone caught and can be disturbing to others in the transport who may catch sight of it.

2) Do pull over. If driving, try to find a rest stop or some other place with a men’s room and indulge the self-pleasuring urge in private. If there’s not an option like that, and a guy really can’t help himself, he needs to pull over to a secluded spot and go through his pleasurable motions there – but he still needs to be aware that he could be caught if he’s not careful.

3) Be considerate. It’s great when a driver is able to control himself until he finds a good men’s room; however, he still needs to be considerate of others who may wish to use the premises. If all that’s available is a single-user bathroom, he should finish self-fondling as quickly as possible. If it’s a multiple user situation, he should be mindful that the guy at the urinal or in the next stall may not want to hear him moaning with pleasure, so he should keep it down.

4) Don’t use toys while driving. In order to keep their hands firmly and safely on the wheel, some guys may opt to use a sensual toy (such as a vibrating male organ sleeve) to provide self-gratifying pleasure without having to use their hands. Unfortunately, such a driver is still likely to be too distracted and runs the risk of an accident.

5) Keep creme nearby. Most men know how prone they are to needing self-pleasuring relief while on the road, either due to an enhanced sensual drive or sheer boredom. Those that are so inclined to need relief should pack some lubricant in the glove compartment or in their carry-on, to avoid that rubbed raw feeling.

Self-pleasuring, whether on the road or off, can sometimes make a member feel a bit sore (if rather happy and content). Regular use of a top notch male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) should help. A raw manhood will feel soothed if a crème with ample amounts of shea butter and vitamin E, two important moisturizers, is used. It also helps to find a creme with vitamin A, as this vitamin can help eliminate persistent male organ odor – a common complaint among men who self-fondle urgently.

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