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Can a Red Male Organ Be from Radiodermatitis?

Sometimes a red male organ is just what a guy wants - it means that blood has rushed into his organ, causing it to swell and get ready for action of the most pleasurable sort. Other times, however, that red male organ may look to be so because it is inflamed or because it has a red rashy appearance …

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Red Male Organ From Hives: What to Do

When a man has a robust, healthy tumescence, all that blood rushing to his organ frequently results in a red male organ (if the man is fair-skinned) or in a reddish one if his skin is darker. And in such cases, that red male organ is an indicator of good male organ health. But often, a man will spor…

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Do X-Rays Lead to a Red Male Organ?

X-rays are a marvelous medical tool that have made possible tremendous advances in medical and dental care. With x-rays, doctors can pinpoint things like bone fractures or lumps, which can guide them in diagnosing problems and suggesting treatments. But do x-rays present any male organ health issues…

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Raw Red Male Organ? 6 Tips for Healing

Although a man may enjoy the process by which he gets a raw, red male organ – for example, by engaging in hours of blissful sensual activity, often with the member be handled in a rough but thoroughly delightful manner – he may afterwards wish he had exercised a little restraint. As male organ healt…

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Red Male Organ? Avoid These Triggers for Hives

Every guy is used to the occasional itch on their member, and usually thinks nothing of it. But when that itch becomes really annoying, they may excuse themselves to the nearest men’s room to drop trousers and see just what the heck is going on. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a persistent little i…

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Red Male organ 101: Five Common Causes and Treatments

The most delicate skin on the body is in the private area, and as all men know, it can become irritated quite easily. A red male organ accompanied by itchiness, dryness, chafing and rashes is common during all phases of a man’s life. Contributing factors to male organ irritation can be environmental…

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Blotchy Red Male Organ? Could be Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

For many men, especially those with lighter skin, a red male organ is not an unusual sight. After all, when blood rushes to the manhood to make it tumescent, it tends to take on a reddish hue. But sometimes a red male organ can be a sign of a possible male organ health issue, especially when that re…

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Red Male Organ Skin Warning: Signs and Symptoms Men Should be Aware Of

Rosy cheeks are a joy to behold; however, a rosy member can be a bit jarring. When a man has a red male organ, it’s natural for him to feel fear, panic, and often, discomfort. While it’s understandable, when the member is red, there are several completely harmless things that could be going on. The …

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Why Do I Have a Red Male Organ, and How Can I Treat It?

A red male organ doesn’t necessarily point to an infection and is a very common problem for men. If the red skin accompanies rough, dry or chafing and soreness, it can be uncomfortable and create obstacles to your intimate health and happiness. Skin redness can have causes that aren’t due to an unde…

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Swollen, Red Male Organ? Balanitis May be Caused by Bacteria

Monitoring male organ health is important for all men. Often a man will notice that he has developed a rather red male organ, or more specifically that the head of the member has reddened or has red patches around it. This is often a sign of balanitis, a fairly common condition, especially among men…

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Unusual Red Male Organ Issues: What are Purpura, and What to Do About Them?

Presenting a handsome and attractive member to a partner or potential partner is a point of pride for most men. They want to exhibit their good male organ health as well as demonstrate that their good looks extend to behind their zipper as well. Sometimes, though, what they actually present can fall…

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Oops! That Red Male Organ May Be Due to Corticosteroids

A red male organ is not always a sign of a male organ health issue. In lighter-skinned men, the member often takes on a vivid red hue when tumescent, due to the dramatic influx of blood during the tumescence process. But when a red male organ is caused not by the normal tumescence process, it can be…

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Red Male Organ – Problem or Good Circulation?

Sometimes maintaining good male organ health can lead a man to some confusion about whether some aspect of his member indicates a problem or not. For example, searching through men’s health sites, one often learns that a red male organ can be a sign of a problem, such as an infection. That’s definit…

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Red Male Organ: When Should You Be Concerned?

A red-colored male organ is usually a sign that everything below the belt is in working order. However, when the discoloration is accompanied by certain discomforts, like itchiness or tenderness, it can be a red flag that something is wrong. The following outlines how to identify a problematic red m…

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Red Male organ Warning Signs: Recognizing Cellulitis

In many instances, a red male organ is a good thing. For instance, when the blood flows into the male organ to create a desired engorgement, the resulting red male organ enables a man to enjoy intimacy. But sometimes a red male organ is a sign of something not being exactly right; often, it can be a…

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Edging Into a Raw, Red Male Organ

The manhood is a wonderful thing, so it’s no wonder that self-pleasuring is a favorite pastime of just about every guy. In addition to being fun, self-gratification is an excellent way to learn about the member and how it works, which can be beneficial both for member health and for improving skil…

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His Red Male Organ: Balanitis for Her

When "red male organ" refers to a tumescent member that is a glowing red due to an influx of blood, it’s a thing a man tends to be proud of. But when "red male organ" describes a blotchy red rash, typically on the head of the manhood, it indicates a troubling member health issue.

Often this lat…

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