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Exploring Self-Pleasuring Positions

Although the results vary, numerous surveys have proven that most men self-stimulate. A recent one found that 96% of men admitted to self-gratifying; the only thing surprising here is that the answer is not 100%. The survey also found that its respondents said they self-stimulate, on average, 4 time…

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Self-Pleasuring and Roommates: Working It Out

For the vast majority of men, self-pleasuring is a part of their lives. They may not self-stimulate every day or every week, but they like to know that when they have "the itch" they can take care of it. Unfortunately, in cases when guys are roommates, this can sometimes create a problem. Working ou…

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Dry Rubbing and the Death Grip: Self-pleasuring Problems to Avoid

When a man is looking for new ways to pleasure himself, he might choose to attempt certain things that aren’t exactly conducive to good member care. Two of the most common self-pleasuring techniques a man might experiment with include the "death grip" and dry rubbing, neither of which bode very we…

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Self-Pleasuring Hacks: “Me Time” While Visiting Family

Self-pleasuring is a vital part of almost every man’s life, although the role it plays varies from individual to individual. Some men may go for months without indulging, whereas others find they feel best if they check in with their member a couple of times a day. (The fact that self-pleasuring can…

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Mutual Self-Pleasuring: Reasons to Try It

While self-pleasuring is frequently performed in a fairly "private" situation, that has changed somewhat in recent years. More and more people engage in self-pleasuring online with another person, and many others also post pictures or videos of themselves engaging in self-fondling activities. Yet de…

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