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Keep Male Organ Health in Mind When Choosing Underwear

It may be too much to say that a healthy male organ is a healthy mind, but men who truly care about their overall health do indeed want to spend some time addressing any potential male organ health concerns. That’s why they make sure their member gets plenty of appropriate exercise (which is fortuna…

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Male Organ Odor: The Underwear Connection

The lights are low, the music is seductive, and all the moves thus far have been perfectly timed. The man is thinking that things couldn’t have gone more perfectly as he removes his pants, giving his partner the big reveal at last. Unfortunately, the unveiling of his glorious manhood is ruined by th…

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Male Organ Odor and Underwear Choice

Even the most romantic scenario can be ruined when a man removes his underwear to reveal his gift package and instead reveals a distressing male organ odor situation. But unfortunately, male organ odor is one of the most common - and persistent - male organ health problems around. Most guys are unaw…

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